Fixed Payment for Working Capital Loan

One of the two Business Cashline Loans & SME Loans repayment solutions created for your needs!

During these Covid times, having working capital and getting financial assistance is crucial and management of that is a big challenge for companies. Our loan for working capital and the fixed repayment options is the best possible way forward for you. We have been featured in The Asian Banker and have several Industry Associations as partners who recommend us.

Fixed Payment
Cashline Solution for Monthly repayment Term Loan, solving bigger cash flow needs, and sustainable growth of your company.

Benefits of Fixed Payment

Low Interest Rate

  • Low interest rate from 1.7% per month
  • Unlock even better rates with good repayment history

Easy to Use

  • Convert the available limit on your credit line to a term loan with instalment payments
  • Cash into your account in as fast as 3 hours upon approval

No Early Repayment Fees

  • Regular monthly repayments over 6 or 12 months based on monthly rated interest
  • No early repayment penalty

If you need Fast Cash Loan for immediate payments, we have our Flexible Payment options. Lower interest shorter time and flexibility in repayments!

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