Flexible Payment for Fast Cash Loan

One of the two Business Cashline Loans & SME Loans repayment solutions created for your needs!

Many times you would need fast cash for immediate payments and banks or other loan providers have high interests repayments over long periods. Our Flexible payment options have been created thinking of you and only you! Its about giving you the flexibility of taking fast cash loans with repayment within days or weeks with lower interests as opposed to those longer high interests repayments!

Flexible Payment
Cashline Solution for quick cash needs, short time usages like salary payment end of month, payments to be done until your clients pay you in a few weeks.

Benefits of Flexible Payment

Low Interest Rate

  • Low daily interest rate of 0.07% (computed based on 365 days)
  • Low Interest of 26.4% per annum (credit cards average 24% – 29% per annum)

Easy to Use

  • Easy access to cash from your mobile phone or web
  • Cash into your account in 3 hours upon approval

Flexible Repayment

  • Repay within 12 months, flexible monthly repayments
  • Easy repayment of 10% of the outstanding amount or $200 per month (whichever is higher)

Note: Any remaining outstanding amount will be billed in the statement on the 12th month.

For Longer Working Capital Loan we have our Fixed Payment Option that will help you borrow with an ease of mind!