Credit Line

Flexibility of repaying early or paying required minimum based on daily interest.

Credit Line
Credit Line allows you to withdraw cash from your pre-approved credit limit to pay your suppliers, staff and for other short term needs

Benefits of Credit Line

Low Interest Rate

  • Low daily interest rate of 0.07% (computed based on 365 days)
  • Low Interest of 26.4% per annum (credit cards average 24% – 29% per annum)

Easy to Use

  • Easy access to cash from your mobile phone or web
  • Cash into your account in 3 hours upon approval

Flexible Repayment

  • Repay within 12 months, flexible monthly repayments
  • Easy repayment of 10% of the outstanding amount or $200 per month (whichever is higher)

Note: Any remaining outstanding amount will be billed in the statement on the 12th month.